Corr Cronin Attorney Kelly Sheridan featured in 2022 Super Lawyers Magazine sharing his passion outside of the courtroom

Super Lawyers – Washington 2022 – A Few Things We Came Across

He Wrote The Book(s)

As a freshman at Dartmouth College, Kelly Sheridan fell in love with rockclimbing, and for several years between college and law school, that’s all he did in his spare time. “Climbing has taken me to some amazing places, and it’s how I met my wife, Cortney,” says Sheridan, who practices civil litigation defense law at Corr Cronin in Seattle. For 10 years, he served on the board of the Washington Climbers’ Coalition; he also wrote guidebooks on two climbing areas in Washington – Central Washington Bouldering (2008) and Leavenworth Bouldering (2014), both published by Sharp End Publishing. The latter is still widely available. “The second book I published when I was already three years into my practice at Corr Cronin,” Sheridan says. “I’m not able to get outside as often as I used to, but I still believe it’s important to have passions outside of work to stay focused and grounded. That said, I do not recommend trying to finish a book while working as a busy junior attorney!”

By Corr Cronin

July 20, 2022

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