We treat our clients’ challenges as if they are our own.

The founding member of a prominent Seattle litigation firm called Corr Cronin “the Navy SEALs of litigation.”

Businesses and individuals hire us to handle highly complex, must-win matters, and peer law firms call on us when cases require skilled tactical leadership and substantial trial experience.

Our people are our foundation

We are a team of smart, passionate lawyers and legal professionals who painstakingly consider the big and the small as we counsel our clients through legal matters. We’re collegial and available; we develop trusting, long-lasting relationships with our clients, co-counsel, and colleagues.

We grow prudently and with careful consideration – Corr Cronin is reputed to be a great place to work, so we are able to select new team members from the best of the best. Many of our attorneys and legal professionals have been working together for many years, but we also quickly integrate new colleagues.

We prepare our cases for trial from day one

This strategic approach often leads to more successful outcomes for our clients – whether that’s early settlement, obtaining critical evidence in discovery, successful motion practice, or taking your case to a jury. When trial or appeal is the best course of action, we leverage decades of experience and thousands of hours in the courtroom to craft persuasive arguments and execute winning strategies.

Our trial strategy includes ensuring all cases are well-positioned in the event an appeal is necessary. Drawing on their experience as law clerks and on the bench, our appellate team has a strong track record of securing reversals and new trials.

Focus on litigation

Trial practice is our cornerstone. Through training, mentoring, and firsthand experience, our attorneys are skilled courtroom practitioners.

We know how to win at trial, and we also know how to leverage our experience and willingness to try cases to achieve successful pretrial resolutions.

Value comes first

Litigation can be expensive. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions to the most complex legal problems, whether that means seeking early case resolution or strategically staffing matters to provide the most value at the lowest possible cost.

Relationships matter

We are active members and leaders in local, regional, and national bar associations. We have decades of experience working with courts at every level. These relationships help us perform efficiently and effectively.